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OutdoorsWeekly.com, Woody’s Rainy Lake Resort, Xecute Scent Control and Barrels Up Present the 2010 Buck Fever Photo Contest!
Buck Fever Contest

To enter: email original high resolution digital photo

Print contest details (PDF)

1st Prize:

Deon Guinn, age 20, harvested his first deer with a bow, a 220-pound buck, in Isanti County on Nov. 1 at 6 pm. (184 4/8" gross, 161 5/8" net).
First deer with a bow! I got home about 3 Monday afternoon, hopped in the shower and got out into the stand as fast as I could, which was about 4 or so? I had one small 6 come out at about 5:45 and I watched him for ten minutes or so and I heard a grunt up over the hill to the south. The 6 started to act pretty weird and I just kept watching the hillside where I heard the grunt. Bout 2 minutes later I heard another grunt and then two does came crashing down into the field with my buck chasing them. They circled around back up to the hill that they came from. He chased them back and forth for a few minutes and then started making scrapes and destroying everything in his path. In the meantime the little 6 that was in the field originally; went up and started chasin’ his does. Once that happened I started grunting at my buck, I'd get his attention every time but he just kept doing his thing. I watched him for about 10 min at 75 yards. I finally decided to hit my can call. Did that twice followed by a few grunts and he started makin’ his way across the field in my direction. He was high stepping and stomping the whole way, you could just tell he was irritated. I just kept letting him work my way. I have a big oak tree directly in front of me on the field edge, I waited until he was behind that to draw. He came in up-wind at 17 yards, slightly quartering to me. He stopped and I cut her loose. I never really felt too confident on the shot so we decided to let him lay until morning. We went out at about 7:30 the next morning and started tracking him. From where I last seen him he followed blood for about 200-275 yards to find him piled up and stiff as could be. So my guess was he was dead shortly after I shot him at 6 but I’m glad I waited it out!


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2nd Prize:

Dieter Brenner, St. Cloud, Minn. arrowed this 205-pound buck Oct. 30.
I was hunting my family’s property in Alma, Wisc. (Buffalo County). I had not been able to get down to the cabin to hunt because of football. It was October 30 and I was hunting my favorite stand on the property, were I had had two encounters with this buck from the year before. The buck that we had named "Whitey" checking his scrape line when I first spotted him, then I blew once on my grunt tube and he immediately started coming my direction looking for a fight. I shot him with my bow at about 30 yards. The buck gross scored 176-7/8 and weighed 205 pounds.
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3rd Prize:

Dan Erickson of Bloomington, Minn. harvested this 11-point, 200-pound buck at 9:00 on opening morning of the 3A slug season with his trusty Benelli near Bethany in southern Minnesota. The green gross score is 160 on this 4 ½ year old. His boys, Scott and Andy, also shot impressive 7- and 8-point bucks and filled three doe tags as well.


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Print contest details (PDF)

How to Enter: Email a photo to mail@outdoorsweekly.com of you and your 2010 deer in a natural setting, along with a short photo caption about the hunt. Some things to include are: hunter's name, hometown, location of hunt, deer’s weight, number of points, Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young score, inside antler spread, gun or bow, etc. Remember: entries will be judged on photo quality, composition and photo caption. Rack size doesn't matter! Only legally tagged deer qualify. Good luck!

To Enter:
Deadline to enter: November 30, 2010

Deadline to Enter:
November 30, 2010, 5 p.m.
Winning photos and submissions will be posted online at www.outdoorsweekly.com, published in OutdoorsWeekly.com magazine, announced on “In the Outdoors” Radio, 1240 AM, St. Cloud, MN. Final winners will be will be printed in the December issue of OutdoorsWeekly.com magazine.

Official Rules:
No purchase necessary. Contest officially ends November 30, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. Only those entries received prior to the deadline are eligible to win. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges whose decision shall be final. All federal, state and local laws apply. Void prohibited by law. Sales taxes, and any options are the responsibility of the winners. No substitutions except as required due to availability. All prizes will be awarded. Open to residents of the United States only. Employees and their families of In The Outdoors, Townsquare Media, Woody’s Resort, Barrels Up, Camden Outdoors and OutdoorsWeekly.com and its producers and prize sponsors are not eligible. Entry constitutes permission to use the winner’s name and photograph without further compensation to winner.

2009 Buck Fever Photo Contest Winners

Eleven year old Charlie Peterson brought down this 204 pound 11 point buck on the first morning of his first deer hunt.  While being coached by his father, Craig, he waited patiently for the buck to offer a shooting opportunity and then calmly made a great 80 yard shot.  This was one of those very special outdoor experiences shared by father and son, that will be remembered for a lifetime.  


Dustin Connor, age 20, of St. Peter, MN, bagged this 11-point, 185-pound buck with a bow.  He shot it near Rushford, MN on Nov. 15, 2009.   The buck green scored 143 and the inside antler spread was 20 3/8th inches. 

Jarrad Fluekiger shot this 8-point, 190-pound buck in Buffalo County, WI  (Alma) with his bow. The buck had a 17-inch inside spread.

Bennet Stich of Battle Lake shot this 10 point "White nose and lips" buck on Nov. 13th.....There is no black pigment on the nose and lips what so ever.

© 2010 OutdoorsWeekly.com


Photo Tips

How to Enter: Email a sharp, clear photo of you and your 2010 deer in a natural setting, along with a photo caption.

Email original high resolution digital photo

Please be sure to include the details such as:

  --hunter's name
   --location of hunt
   --deer’s weight
   --number of points
   --Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young score
   --inside antler spread
   --gun or bow

Quality Photos Don't Happen By Accident
By Jerry Carlson