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Deer HuntingA Kid's Perspective An OutdoorsWeekly.com Exclusive

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The Deer Hunt

By Caleb Macleod, 4th Grade
Ogden, Quebec, Canada
I was with my Dad, and my Grandpa, my Dad's friend and another guy. We have gone hunting on a mountain called Fullerton. There were lots of rivers, streams and lots and lots of hills. It was the perfect place for deer. We were walking on a trail and we were talking to each other with our calls. We thought maybe a buck would respond to the deer calls and he would come to us. We heard some noise, we looked over and we saw a doe, and we weren't quite sure if it was a buck or not. Then we made sure that it was a doe, and it was. It ran down a hill. Then we heard a gunshot. We didn't know what happened. We thought that my grandpa shot a deer so we asked him on our walkie talkies. He said “No I did not shoot.” We walked to our truck and we asked my dad’s friend and he said that it was the other guy that we were hunting with. We drove over to him and he had a spike horn. He was already starting to cut it and it was really cool inside the deer. We got the deer to the camp and it was pitch black outside. It was really late and it was almost time to go to bed. It was too late to shoot a deer. I went to bed and when my dad shut off the lights it was so dark that I could wave my hand in front of my face and I could not see it. I had to go home the next day. I felt good that the man shot the deer.

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