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Exclusive Tips by Jerry Carlson, Outdoors Weekly Pro-Staff

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Short Reed Goose Call Is a Must

Short reed goose calls come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

If you are interested in hunting Canada geese and have not yet purchased a reputable short reed goose call, I highly recommend it. It may not be an easy step to take since quality short reed calls are expensive and difficult to blow, but it is a must for those that want to harvest today’s wary geese.
For many first time goose call buyers, there will be a sticker shock attached to the call. The price of a reputable call is not cheap. However, to some degree you get what you pay for in a call.
One item to consider when buying a call is whether or not it comes with a training CD or DVD. Having someone explain how to hold your hands and create the back pressure necessary to make a call function is extremely valuable.
Being able to listen to the different sounds that your call will make is also important. This process of learning to mimic goose talk can be tedious and frustrating.
It is critical to remember that learning to blow a short reed call is like learning to play a musical instrument. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and lots of it.
The good news is that you don’t have to be a champion caller to call geese. With a few good routines you will find that most geese will give you a look. If you can shoot straight, that is all you need.

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