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People and Pets

Back to Reader Pics

RILEY wants you to send in your hunting or fishing photos of you and your owner!
Email your pic and we will post it online!

Ben and Josie
Special to OutdoorsWeekly.com
I’ll Never Let You Go. Ben takes a nap with his new Black Labrador pup, Josie. Photo sent in by Mom, Jill Klasen.

Hunter and Kodah
Special to Outdoors Weekly
Hunter Kinnane, age 9, with his best buddy Kodah (3 year old British Lab) hunting the flooded bean fields of North Dakota.

Special to Outdoors Weekly
Anna Baer and her dog Max on their first pheasant hunt together. Another girl hooked on bird hunting!

Baxter and Bo
Special to Outdoors Weekly
Baxter, a 3-year-old Springer Spaniel, is pictured with his cousin, Bo, a 16-month-old Yellow lab, on Bo’s first hunting trip. Baxter is a bird dog that loves to hunt and was retrieving at one year old.
Special to Outdoors Weekly
Mark Young of Rockville, MN admires a wily old South Dakota rooster. Thanks to good spotting by fellow hunter Mark Kostreba, and Mark's Brittany, Meggie, the bird was retrieved. (Photo by Anton Young)
Special to Outdoors Weekly
Russ Traurig of Detroit Lakes, MN, and his partner, Ruby, shot these mallards while hunting in central North Dakota in late October.
Pictured is Tyler Rivers during his first hunt with his dog, Ginger, after completing gun safety class.
Father and son team, Chuck and Charlie, were able to shoot 4 beautiful ringbills on Sunday, Oct. 12. Teal, their young female Chesapeake Bay Retriever, made all the retrieves.
Deacon Lilly
Bill (pictured) and Lori Hogan love their dog, Deacon, who now has a playmate. Lori’s son’s dog, Lilly, is staying with them while her son is stationed in Missouri. Lilly is very proud of her dad (Travis Vanderberg) being in the Marines.
Dylan and Max
A boy and his best friend - Dylan Hinners of
Bemidji, MN and his new buddy Max can't wait for this year's fishing opener!
Ole and Lena
Ole and Lena of Alexandria, MN caught these two roosters stealing corn from the farmers near Herman.

Rory Eiynck and his best bud, Cooper, teamed up to bag this North Dakota duck last fall.
Tony Bezenar, who breeds Pudelpointer gun dogs emailed this family photo of his “kids” . (One of these dogs is not like the others.) Tony still loves his Pointing Lab, Cattail.
Jake and Windsor
Jake Bohnsack, of Montrose, MN shot these two roosters while hunting with Windsor. The first bird had a 24-inch tail feather.
Roxy, who loves to be in the fish house, is Ted Dinius’ best fishing partner (besides his two boys). Ted says Roxy can smell the fish - when he moves his fish house, she picks the spot to set up and they catch fish!
Leiny Filiowich and her dog, Luci, love to spend time together and take care of each other as well. One day this past summer Leiny and her Dad were out in the yard playing. Leiny’s Dad turned around for 10 seconds (literally) and Leiny disappeared. Dad looked everywhere and in a panic told Luci to find Leiny! Luci ran to the sand box and would not leave. Finally Dad decided to look under the sand box cover and sure enough there was Leiny playing hide-and-go-seek. Funny girl and smart dog!
Dick & Nancie Waage of Hutchinson, MN, love their dog, Kimber.
Brenna and Daisy
Brenna Reiland from Milwaukee, WI enjoys a nice day outdoors with her Grandpa’s dog, Daisy. It looks as if Daisy has found her new best friend!
Dan Rud’s hunting partner, JoJo, proudly poses with the first pheasants from Winter 2007.
Brendan and Mellissa Szala of St. Paul enjoy a walk along the North Shore with their pooch, Keegan.
Tim & Bucky
Tim Berhay from Nerstrand, MN and Bucky enjoy a walk along the shoreline together.
Wade & Lexie
Wade Acker of Zimmerman and Man's best friend, Lexie, enjoy a stroll along the shoreline of Mille Lacs Lake in Garrison.
John and Gracie
John Bohrer, an owner of the Circle Inn and Bar in North Mankato, poses with his gal, Gracie, who will be carding underage pups at the door!



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