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Tips on Taking Beautiful Shots

1. Fill the frame. Make sure you are close enough so the angler and the fish fill nearly the entire frame.

2. Focus on the fish and hold it out slightly. Your camera should focus on the fish but the angler should also be in focus.

3. Good background. Make sure you have an uncluttered background. Scenic backgrounds are a plus. Take the picture outdoors!!
4. Take more than one picture. This is key to get a good smile with open eyes.
5. Have enough light. Daytime shots are best, but night shots also work. Just don't rely on your camera's flash. Also watch for those shadows!
6. Wear bright colors. Bright colors add life to snow covered backgrounds or plain light blue skies.
7. Take the picture while the fish is still alive and colorful. Practice catch and release!
8. Try more than one pose.
9. Have fun!


Photo submission constitutes permission to publish. All photos become property of Outdoors Weekly. Submission grants Outdoors Weekly royalty-free permission to publish and use the material in any form of media we choose. These rights come into effect upon sending the image.  We reserve the right not to publish images submitted and to edit comments that accompany the image. We reserve the right to crop the images as we see fit. We reserve the right to deal with the images within the time frame that the Editor sees fit. Outdoors Weekly’s Editor makes the final decision. Photo credit to your image will be given if requested.

Here's an example of good photo work:

photo by Dave Genz, Outdoors Weekly Staff Columnist



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